Hey kid! You can prevent wild fires. This site is going to help you.

Three things make fire possible. Do you know what they are?

Together, these are called the Fire Triangle.


No, that isn’t even a triangle. That is a pyramid.


You can prevent a fire by keeping the parts of the fire triangle away from each other



Once a fire starts, you can put it out by taking away one side of the fire triangle.

Outside of trees having legs, what can we do to prevent BIG fires?

It is time to check your understanding!

Campfires are nice, but they can be a danger to forests.

Remember to put your fire out “dead out” and follow campfire safety rules!

And don’t dump water on your friend while camping!

But seriously, watch this to make and put out an awesome campfire – if and when fires are allowed.

It is time to check your understanding!

Let’s talk about fireworks

Fireworks are dangerous in the forests. Almost everything out here is fuel. A firework represents the heat side of the fire triangle, and can send a forest up in flames in no time.

Safety should be foremost when using fireworks.

Never bring fireworks into a forest.

Seriously, don’t be a jerk.

Yeah, we said it.

It is time to check your understanding!

So, if you live in the forest, how can you help everyone be safe?

If we do our part, we all can be safe and live together in the forest.

It is time to check your understanding!